Hi I'm Sudesha Shrestha

I make beautiful prints.

About me


Hello Everyone, Welcome to my world.


I’m Sudesha Shrestha, visual artist from Lalitpur, Nepal. 


My passion for printmaking started in 2013 when I was 23 and visiting my professor’s studio. A Mezzotint drew my attention there and the printmaking process was so soothing. At that time dopamine started flowing in my brain and I quickly discovered what I was going to do, for the rest of my life.


And then, a mission stuck in my mind. It was to become the world’s best printmaker.


I started my printmaking with woodcut, Continued my journey with zinc and drypoint in aluminium sheets and crafted my vision across 24 different projects


People adore me much for my series “Connected”.  Which they say, make them feel connected with every individual they see.


Each day, I never know what may come my way. I don’t even know what I will create. But I feel a responsibility to make the world a bit more interesting/creative, influencing individuals to make it a better place.